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OJ Simpson is seeking “at least” $100 million from the Cosmopolitan Casino, claiming he was racially singled out among his white friends when he was banned from the Las Vegas hotel on November 8th, OJ claims the casino’s staff “acted with malice and racialprejudice”  The hotel says OJ was drunk and rude towards the hotel staff claiming he behaved “disruptively

According to the letter from OJ’s attorney Malcolm P. LaVergne , the Cosmopolitan fraudulently proclaimed that the casino banned Simpson for being drunk and disruptive at the Clique bar, including that he was angry at hotel staff and glasses were broken. In addition, LaVergne said the Cosmopolitan neglected to reverse its decision after casino surveillance footage showed staff made up the story and that staff portrayed Simpson in a false light to damage his parole. As part of his parole, he is limited in how much he can drink.

LaVergne wrote the Cosmopolitan “discriminately singled out Mr. Simpson amongst his non-African American friends and subsequently expelled him for what turned out to be a fake reason.”

Simpson’s attorney also said if the Cosmopolitan meets terms detailed in the letter, Simpson will likely not sue.


Good luck OJ but one question I have for my man in general why is he always kickin it with non African Americans.  After the support he received during his initial trial for murder from the black community, you’d think he’d be showin black folks a whole lotta love.  SMH

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OJ Simpson posing for a photo with a woman at the Arts Festival

Source: Jeff Greenberg / Getty