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Nori Moment: I feel like I have been thinking about this for years. I feel like as I learned that some of our most prolific civil rights and pro black leaders were married to white women that this question answers itself. YES, you CAN be pro-black and married to someone outside of your race (you just have to deal with some black women giving a mean side eye).  I would also like to add that in my opinion a lot of black men married white women because it was a slap in the face to “THE MAN” to wed a white woman. This was my first thought when I found out that  Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, Quincy Jones and Harry Belefonte were married to white women because of the timing. The black experience in America was so different then. (*Sigh it is still a struggle lets be clear).  I am not saying that they were not in-love, just my opinion which can be wrong! I always looked at it as the “big pay back”. Now, current day I do not think that is the mindset and it is not my mindset anymore.  Love who you want to love! I just know that I have my personal preferences that I want respected and I will respect anyone else preferences too.  As long as it does not get in the way of the progress of black people or any race of people for that matter then I am good. Someone else relationship is none of my business.