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I AM MY OWN BODY GOALS. I'm not comparing myself to nipped and tucked celebrities. I'm not comparing myself to Instagram models with waist trainers. I'm comparing myself to MYSELF. I'm not obsessed with youth. I absolutely love the space and place I'm in and experience on this Earth has EVERYTHING to do with that. I'm not concerned with being "skinny." I'm enjoying the thickness. I'm on a mission to be my best physical self. If I once owned this waist with ZERO EFFORT, I'm positive I can see that waist and raise myself an even better waist by putting in work…AND EATING RIGHT. I love my #BooCakes but I'm serious about my journey and food is my weakness. Right now, I have to control myself through deprivation. Please don't drop off any fattening foods to the studio. I appreciate how good you all are to me but I never expect you to give me food or gifts. If you would like to do so, please bring me water, fruits & nuts, and natural juices. But, again, all I ever hope is that you listen to my show REGULARLY and support my events. I love y'all so much and I know you're rooting for me to be my best self!! 💪🏾❤ #YourFavoriteGirl #fitness #getitrightgetittight

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