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It’s another season finale of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, and we start at Ray J and Princess’s Sip and See for Melody. Issa celebration and everyone is feeling the love (at first). A1 and Ray J make peace after all the drama between them (caused by Ray J). A1 also mentions that Safaree hit him up on IG and they’re due for a chat soon.

Let’s fast forward to that chat. Safaree tells A1 straight up that he never had sex with Lyrica and we’re thinking about how this really didn’t have to be dragged out so long. But you know, reality TV.

Anyway, A1 realizes that the conversations that Safaree has had with Ray got misconstrued. The thing is, Safaree never really answered the questions directly and Ray J just went ham based on assumption and Safaree’s shifty behavior alone. Straight. Outta. Context.


Anyway, A1 asks about whether Safaree sent her a nude photo or not and Safaree says he didn’t send her anything. Then says he doesn’t know if he accidentally sent her something or that he doesn’t remember or whatever. Mind you, he’s fidgeting and acting super shifty.

Safaree does apologize for this thing he may or may not have done (but we think he at least sent some sext messages), but A1 isn’t buying it and says he still can’t mess with him right now. Later on, A1 tells Lyrica about their conversation. In the end, he asks her for a DNA test. We know by now, thanks to social media and #TheBlogs, that the baby is A1’s.

Ray J, RoccStar and Safaree link up and Ray J is still being messy because as soon as Safaree shows up, Ray J makes a shady comment about how RoccStar and A1 have the same thing in common — smashing Lyrica.


Safaree explains what was said during his sit down with A1. Ray J says Safaree told him that he “did it” (still vague smh). Safaree explains he was talking about the sexting situation and Ray J misconstrued what he said then took it and ran with it like it was the gospel truth.

Basically, this is really stupid and could have been nipped in the bud sooner.

Ray J tells Safaree that he had him looking stupid. And we’re all just looking at him like:

That’s why you should mind your business and in other, not-related but kind of related news, stop talking about Kim Kardashian too. The hell? Just talk too dang much!

Meanwhile, Apple officially discovers that her dad actually isn’t her dad. But guess what, her dad said he knew this 33 years ago and is just not telling Apple. Her mom got a DNA test and when she turned out to not be his baby he decided not to deal with her. So, all this hurt and pain was for naught and Shun Love was right, her fake dad is an opportunist.

Apple is hurt, but happy to move on and Shun is there to comfort and support her. Hopefully, she’ll be back next season. We like her.

A1 and Lyrica have their vow renewal ceremony and exchange dramatic tearful vows about how they love to each other, yatta yatta.

But then Moniece pulls up toward the end of this joyous event and asks Princess what she wants to do. Princess is quite clear when she replies that she wants to fight. Moniece replies that she never throws the first punch.

Princess starts throwing drinks and glasses at her. Moniece throws a cake, etc and they never get to fight because we all know that Love and Hip-Hop security is thorough. This is probably what Moniece was banking on. She knew she didn’t really want to fight.

Then Boobie pulls up and he and Marcus go at it over Brooke. Boobie says wasn’t there to fight, but to talk about moving forward with someone he cares about. It’s super random, but Marcus had time to throw hands. His attempts were unsuccessful, though, because, security. Give those gentlemen raises, please! 

Finally, the episode ends with the usual wrap up montage about it being a new day and we go through each person’s progress or whatever but we all know we’ll be right back here next week watching them devolve again during the reunion.


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