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You know i am #TEAMIPHONE all day, but sometimes I think they try and force newer more expensive iPhones on me by slowing down my old iPhone6S. And guess what? I was right!

Recently it was confirmed that Apple has agreed to a preliminary settlement of 500 million as part of a class action lawsuit alleging the company intentionally slowed down aging phones.

The phone affected the most by this were iPhones 6, 7 and SE. How they did this was by sending IOS updates to older phones that would toggle the speed down in attempts to get consumers to purchase new batteries or trade in their phones for a new more expensive model all together!

Welp what had happened was the got caught and now they gotta pay up! Each iPhone user affected is expected to receive $25. FunFact: Apple would not admit any wrong doing but still agreed to the 500 million payout. A drop in the bucket to a company that’s worth $1.3trillion!!!

Source: CNN

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