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On an all-new The Real, co-host Loni Love gives her step-by-step process of revealing her fresh face and describes James’ reaction to her final step of removing her wig in front of him!

She broke the timeline down by weeks and gave a step by step.

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“At first– I take off the eyelashes first.” She says, “Let ‘em see what my eyes really look like without all this.” Then week two, she says she took her “eyebrows off.” Once he was able to handle her “starting to look like E.T. a little bit” she says she knew they were “alright.”

Love admitted that for a while she left a bit of foundation on, but once she realized it ended up “on his pillow” anyway, she took that off too.

Once week six rolled around, she says she was ready to take her wig off in front of him. But,it didn’t go down exactly the way she wanted it to.

“We went on our vacation to the Bahamas.” she explained, and on that vacation they jumped over a “twenty-five foot cliff.” Sounds fun right? But, Loni says she didn’t secure the wig,” so, “The wig came off in the water.” She was trying to find her wig in the water and says she ” was running out of air” and realized she just had to come up before she drowned.

A little kid saw her first and laughed, but when James saw her, he said “I think you’re beautiful.”

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