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A police officer shot and killed 33-year-old Steven Taylor from San Leandro who was reported to be swinging a baseball bat this weekend at a Walmart.

The San Leandro police were initially called because the store reported a robbery.  Officers didn’t find signs of a robbery but encountered a man swinging a baseball bat near the entrance inside the store. Part of the situation was caught on camera by a shopper showing the officers, tasing and shooting the suspect.

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The officer who fired the shot is currently on paid administrative leave.  The Mercury News, reports that a man who was on the scene posted to his Instagram page a photo of the suspect after he was shot but later deleted the post.

“I was literally feet away from it,” wrote the man, Mike_Myke, an Oakland-area resident who has a YouTube channel with 179,000 subscribers that features video and commentary about sports cars.  “This dude was saying he wanted to die before the police even arrived. He waited for the police to get here while he was swinging a bat. He was threatening to kill the door greeter. People offered to help him and he refused. He was saying everybody was living his life and he didn’t care anymore. When the police arrived, dude instantly attacked him and wasn’t cooperating. Officer pulled out his taser and asked him to step back,” reported from The Mercury News.

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“Dude attacked the officer with the bat and that’s when he shot him with the taser. Dude still attempted to hit the officer after he was already being tased. The officer pulled out his gun and told the guy to get back. The officer started walking backward with his weapon drawn and the suspect continued to walk forward with the bat. When he went to swing, that’s when the officer shot him. He was shot 1 time and that’s when he went down. Wasn’t much the officer could do In this situation.”

“I’m not justifying his death, but this wasn’t a black on white hate crime that they gon make it out to be,” said the writer, who is African-American. “My condolences to his family, but this was wild. Like I said, I was right behind the officer. I even tried talking to this dude before the officers arrived. This is a lose-lose situation. My cousin was shot in his sleep by (Oakland Police Department), so I know the feeling and the hate toward the police. This ain’t the same situation.”

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