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Kelly Price got really candid in a recent interview with The Core 94, revealing how back in the day, a music executive bet that Mya’s album would outsell hers not based off talent, but looks.

“There was a bet that was out on me between two executives. I promise to God. I want to make sure this is said correctly because this is not about the other artist. Mya and I released albums on the same day. An executive at her label made a bet with an executive at Island that—in his words—his pretty, light skinned thin girl would outsell the big, Black, fat girl that could sing circles around her. That’s what the executive said,” she recalled. 

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Here’s what Price had to say about body-shaming in the industry, then and now:

“I recently read an article that talked about the success that Lizzo is having. And before her, it’s been so hard for women of size to be viewed as anything other than matronly, gospel singer, House music singer, or opera singer. But you were not allowed to come across as having too much confidence or to believe that you were sexy or that you could compete with the skinny girl.

And with Lizzo coming out so hard, saying this is who I am and by the way,  ‘I will take your man. You better watch him around me.’ But this writer mentioned me and Martha Wash. I have to say as far as Bad Boy is concerned, if you read the liner notes, I was credited as a background singer. If I was a songwriter, I was credited. But there were other times as a songwriter, if I would demo the record, my vocals should have come off.

I’ll never forget sometimes riding in the car and hearing a song that I’d written for another artist come on and it’s pretty much all me, even on the leads.

There was a lot of body shaming. If we had the phrase body shaming when I was coming along, hell. You know how much further I’d be.

I’m happy people are growing up. I can’t even say evolving. It’s just like grow up. The world is big and it’s round and there are so many different types of people in the world with so many different facets of beauty and what’s beautiful to me don’t have to be beautiful to you.

I’m glad that the world is finally catching up. There is no one standard of beauty.”

Watch the interview below…

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