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After users waited a week for the highly anticipated the early 2000s VERZUZ battle between Nelly versus Ludacris, it seemed to have gotten overshadowed by cringey lyrics and horrible wifi connection.

On Saturday night (May 16), over 450,000 gathered on the Instagram live battle that was three hours worth of battling with Nelly’s bath weather internet connection.

At the start of the virtual event, Luda and Nelly complimented each other on their accomplishments honoring that during the years they both played a major role in the culture.

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Not too long into playing the nostalgia tracks, Nelly’s technical difficulties started to ruin the vibe. Fans started to make jokes on social media comparing him to Teddy Riley because of his horrible connection and even commented on rescheduling the match.

Besides Nelly’s bad signal, Ludacris also canceled himself that night with a line in an upcoming single, “Silence Of The Lambs” featuring Lil Wayne that name-dropped Bill Cosby and R.Kelly. He replayed the line at least twice and fans were not feeling it.

His opening line says, “the world screwed if n***as pouring drinks like Bill Huxtable,” followed by “I love R. Kelly but around my daughters, I’m not comfortable.”  Viewers started to tweet their opinion of the lyric which didn’t go over very well.

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The Blast reports that Ludacris spoke out about the reference saying, “as a concerned father of girls, [he] obviously meant that although he has so much love for R.Kelly, for the amazing things he has brought to the music world, he would not trust him with his daughters.”  Listen to the clip below.

The rapper says his lyrics are honest and he understands why fans didn’t take a liking to his reference.

There’s no confirmation of who will battle next but Swizz Beatz and Timbaland are working long and hard to keep the culture entertained while in quarantine

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