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Toni Braxton is not only known for being an R&B veteran but also for her youthful look and amazing body. At 52-year-old she doesn’t look a day over 25. She took to social media to share one of her beauty secrets and it had nothing to do with an anti-aging cream or moisturizer.

“This thing right here, okay, it is…I’m gonna be honest, it is a vibrator,” Braxton said during an Instagram video for Vogue. “It is, it is a vibrator, but I call it a face tingler, it just tingles the muscles in my face to get them activated and working.”


Braxton said instead of using it for pleasure, she uses it as a staple in her beauty routine and sometimes even stories it in the freezer.

“I haven’t used it on anything else other than my face, okay, just FYI. This has got the little ball here, which is perfect. Sometimes I put it in the freezer…this is really cold, I just kinda rub it, and it just activates all those muscles, get ‘em together. We are working today. We are gonna be cute today.”

Braxton opts to use the vibrator instead of a face roller, a tool that massages and releases tension in the skin. The “Unbreak My Heart” singer uses the sex toy for the same reason people use a face roller, using made of jade or rose quartz. According to Healthline, increase blood circulation in the face, decreases puffiness, can be used to apply skincare products and can also soothe your skin if you store it in the refrigerator.

Braxton also revealed during an interview with Health magazine that she also used CBD-infused products in her skin routine and to also help her manage her Lupus complications.

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“I didn’t know anything about CBD products,” Braxton said. “I just thought I’d try this product, and then from there, I learned about it and started educating myself, and I love it. I’m on so many medications right now for lupus, so it’s nice to have something that helps that isn’t another medication.”

She added that she feels the CBD-infused facial masks  “really helps contribute to a well-rounded wellness routine.”

Watch Braxton’s skincare routine below.

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