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1. Apologies Are Not Enough. What Have the Aurora, Colorado Police Learned?

What You Need To Know:

A day of pampering for four young Black girls ended up as another example of questionable behavior by the Aurora, Colorado police department.

2. With A Warning, About Our Future President Obama Issued His First Round Of 2020 Endorsements

What You Need To Know:

Now that he is deep into the presidential campaign of Joe Biden, President Obama has released his first list of endorsements of “down-ballot” candidates in the upcoming general election, or candidates for offices down the ballot.

3. Coronavirus Update: Gun Violence Explodes in Major Cities During Pandemic

What You Need To Know:

In addition to the economic and political strain brought on by the pandemic, mayors in some of the nation’s largest cities are also in a battle with increasing gun violence.

4. A Tale of Two Views on Black Lives Matter: Jonathan Isaac and LeBron James

What You Need To Know:

In a break from his teammates and colleagues in the NBA, Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac chose not to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt during the league’s opening game played last Saturday at Disney World.

5. Second Stimulus Check Confirmed: Will African Americans Be Left Behind?

What You Need To Know:

Many Americans need another financial boost to help them bounce back from the economic hardships caused by the pandemic.

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