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What a time.

White-on-white violence is likely not the kind of post-election bloodshed that pundits imagined ahead of Donald Trump losing to Joe Biden. But in typical 2020 fashion, here we are.

A driver who crashed at the scene of a Trump “stop the steal” rally found out just how angry the president’s supporters are after a group of MAGA mafia minions responded in part by playing the role of judge, jury and nearly executioner. And, of course, the politically-fueled confrontation stemming from a protest over the election’s verified results was all captured on a viral video by a ready and willing bystander.


The unfortunate scene unfolded Sunday afternoon in Santa Maria, California, where an unidentified 20-year-old driver “was antagonizing some participants and throwing objects at the rally,” law enforcement told local media outlet KSBY News. That’s when police said the driver entered an “intersection without yielding, crossing through the rally and then colliding with a vehicle heading the opposite direction.”

There was seemingly some additional context missing from this story because the video from the scene opens abruptly and shows a group of white men surrounding another white man — the driver — who is being violently restrained by a separate man as they both struggled in the middle of a street.

The bystander filming the episode got close enough to see the driver in a tightening headlock causing his face to turn an alarming shade of purple while he appeared to be gasping for breath. A different angle showed the driver with a mouthful of blood and an open wound on his face.

“How does it feel now?” one person can be heard asking the driver.

“Welcome to MAGA country, motherfucker,” another said.

A woman walked up and started screaming at the driver, prompting one of the men restraining him to demand he apologize to her.

“Tell her you’re sorry!” the man who put the driver in a headlock said.

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The driver responded by making an unintelligible sound likely caused by the headlock constricting around his windpipe. Then a group of other men moved to hold the driver down until police arrived.

In the end, the driver was only cited for a misdemeanor, no one was arrested and responding officers didn’t even pull a gun.

Imagine that being true if the parties involved were any color but white.

Watch the video below and be warned that foul language is used.

The driver was cited for reckless driving causing injury and lived to tell about it.

This is America.

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