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FEMA Opens First Federal Vaccination Site In Maryland

The Federal Emergency Management Agency on Wednesday launched its new Federal Pilot Community Vaccination Center at the Greenbelt Metro Station in Prince George’s County. It’s the first fully federally operated mass vaccination site in Maryland.

Officials said the clinic was built in four days and is staffed by nearly 140 military members. Vaccine recipients can take a train, bus or car to the location.

FEMA said the Greenbelt site can do 3,000 shots a day and the vaccines come from the federal supply, not from Maryland’s vaccine allotment.

FEMA says the clinic will remain open through June, and while residents of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties are prioritized for shots, because it’s federally run, anyone can book an appointment.

Source: WBAL

FEMA to hold COVID-19 vaccine clinic for pregnant, lactating women in Baltimore 

Baltimore Healthy Start’s mission is infant mortality reduction so it s understandable why they partnered with FEMA the state and city health departments and hosted a vaccine clinic for pregnant women, postpartum women and the people that support them.

Yesterday in Baltimore a 100 pregnant women and new moms received the covid-19 vaccine as the theory of many Doctors and scientists are now saying they feel confident in recommending that pregnant and lactating women be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Maxine Reed-Vance, a registered nurse and the deputy director of Baltimore Healthy Start, said the agency’s goal is to have healthy babies. Pregnant and lactating women were not included in clinical trials, but Reed-Vance said the information they have shows the vaccines are safe.

She said babies are protected by antibodies in the mother’s milk, and a pregnant woman’s antibodies travel through the placenta to the baby.

Source: WMAR

and speaking of pregnancy…

A Mom Gave Birth to 2 BABIES Who Were Born the Same Day but Conceived 3 Weeks Apart 

They call it “Supertwins” it’s  a phenomenon known as superfetation an extremely rare situation in which a pregnant person becomes pregnant a second time with another, younger fetus. Its so rare that there are only a few documented cases in the world.

So Rebecca Roberts was happy to find out that she was going to be having a baby, but surprised when during an ultrasound visit she was told there were two babies and one was conceived three weeks later.

It seems Rebecca had been going through some fertility treatments using a drug to help with ovulation and she said on her 1st cycle she was pregnant.

Well after their arrival both babies had to spend time in the NICU – but are now home and both are officially in good health.

Source: MSN

I guess those fertility treatments work …very well…

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