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Minnesota National Guard deployed after protests over a man’s death following a police shooting during a traffic stop for an air freshener violation.

Just one day before the start of week three in the trial of Derek Chauvin. Daunte Wright, a 20 year old black man, was fatally shot during a traffic stop for an air freshener, and people are protesting again and clashing with police… an d now the national guard is on the scene.

According to Police they said officers pulled over a driver they’d determined had an outstanding warrant and when they tried to arrest him, he got back in his vehicle and drove away. An officer fired at the vehicle, hitting the driver. 

Breaking News: Police Chief  at press conference shows some video footage of the incident and it you see the officer reach for hi weapon and shoot Daunte Wright. The shooting is being deemed as of now as an accident as the officer wanted to reach for his taser and instead pulled his fire arm before shooting the victim who was pronounced dead at the scene.

And this is just adding gasoline to the fire… and I pray things don’t get out more out of control.

Source: Daily Beast

Source: ABC

Give thanks this next situation did not leave to another black man being shot and or killed when…

Virginia police pulled over an army lieutenant Caron Nazario who is Black and Latino and  he ended up handcuffed and pepper sprayed

Caron Nizario said he wasn’t trying to pull over on the side of a dark road for his safety and drove a mile down the road to a well-lit gas station with his blinker on. 

Once he stopped The police approached his vehicle with guns blazing asking him to get out of the car.  He repeatedly asks whats going on…and one officer Joe Gutierrez responded: “What’s going on is you’re fixing to ride the lightning, son.”

Well he was fired and him and his partner that night are now the defendants in a lawsuit arguing that they violated Nazario’s constitutional rights through the use of excessive force and unlawful search and seizure and it also states that the officers threatened to destroy the lieutenant’s military career with “baseless” criminal charges if he reported them for misconduct. 

Well he did report them and a little bit more and is suing on top of it too.

Source: USA Today 

Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Update

Judge Peter Cahill has made a decision to leave a remark that was made by George Floyd before being taken to the ground by officers to be determined by the jury. They tried various ways to figure out if George yelled “I ate too many drugs” or “I ain’t do no drugs”.  Different videos, slowing down the audio and more. Finally Judge Cahill made his decision and left it up to the jurors.

We’ll find out what the jury decided and that has any impact on the case and its outcome.

Source: 12WBOY

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