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From Grace Jones’ Katrina to Halle Berry’s Catwoman, there is something alluring about a woman who plays a villain and harnesses her inner bad girl. Sometimes a fierce outfit is enough to make us forget why we despised a character in the first place. Good fashion can alter your perception of a villain. How can be bad when they look so good?

If you love a bad girl in stylish looks, here are five villains whose fashion choices trumped their evil ways.


Queen Akasha played by Aaliyah

Despite being centuries old, Akasha appeared as youthful bloodsucker in Queen of the Damned. With her mission to find Lestat, a vampire whose music awoke her from her eternal slumber, Akasha’s crowned jewels and strategically placed bra made sure she didn’t blend in with the locals. The Mother of All Vampires was unstoppable. She harbored no empathy for anyone that crossed her path and glided through the screen barely dressed. The temptress captivated us with her hypnotic dances and literally set anyone that crossed Lestat on fire.

Catwoman Played by Halle Berry

Although the movie wasn’t as successful as the creators hoped, Halle Berry appeared with rock hard abs and a costume that had its own press tour. The purrfect idea didn’t translate in the box office but made her shit load of money according to Ms. Berry. A timid Patience transforms into the Catwoman after being killed for crossing her boss’ wife Sharon Stone. The death is temporary as a cat licks and saves her life giving her powers, confidence and the fiercest all black wardrobe. Cat Woman’s iconic whip, leather bustier bra, pants and mask had everyone hoping to capture the look for themselves.

Katrina Played by Grace Jones

In the classic vampire movie Vamp, Katrina was played by the iconic Grace Jones. Although Ms. Jones was naked most of the time, and was only covered in paint in some scenes with three coils of silver wire strategically placed on her body, she still maintained a strong, fashionable presence. Jones plays the leader of a group of vampires who run an after-dark strip club with the goal of  luring their prey inside. With her barely there wardrobe,

Wilhelmina Slater played by Vanessa Williams

Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams) Although fashion will always be synonymous to the legend Vanessa Williams, her character on “Ugly Betty” landed her Entertainment Weekly’s list of TV’s Best Bitches. Wilhelmina doesn’t even have to speak to strike fear in the heart of those around her. Slater’s signature long bob with everything from Alexander McQueen to Dolce & Gabanna makes her easily the villain you could only love.

It is because of these fierce villains that brings Pinterest boards come to life and why Halloween is one of the most expensive holidays. I mean who wouldn’t want to be one of these villains for a day and for some a little longer than that.


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