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The past few weeks have been quite the ride for Joe Budden and The Joe Budden Podcast. After losing co-hosts Rory and Mal following several tension-filled episodes, the former rapper made headlines for publicly bashing the men as he confirmed that Rory was officially fired from the show.

But things seem to have taken a much more serious turn, as an ex-employee of The Joe Budden Network took to social media with claims of sexual harassment that occurred during a taping of the female-led See, The Thing Is Podcast.


When Olivia Dope left See, The Thing Is earlier this year, she only hinted at the cause of her departure. But on Monday (May 17) she took to IGTV for a full breakdown on the alleged sexual harassment she dealt with at the hands of her old boss.


  • 13:48 – Joe Calls Olivia Dope out, saying she’s never reached out to him privately or personally. Olivia says this moment is significant, as it proves her lack of familiarity with Joe.
  • 14:34 – Olivia says there’s a recording edit, where Joe says he and Olivia should speak more because “He’s been wanting to f*** me since we’ve met.” According to Olivia, that part of the episode was removed.
  • 19:26 – Another edit. “Joe makes another suggestion to having sex with me,” Olivia recalled. “That scene is edited out … what is shown right after that is me closing my eyes, saying ‘No,’ and then he says ‘Never mind.’”
  • 21:30 – “Joe tells me, ‘Hit a button b****.’” Oliva said. “Because I didn’t hit a sound effect fast enough.”
  • 24:54 – Joe accuses Olivia of “throwing her singleness in his face,” adding that “he felt that we were going to be a network power couple.”  Olivia says she tries to laugh it off.
  • 25:42 – Olivia makes a comment about relationships, as relating to the current conversation. “Joe retorts that my shirt that I was wearing isn’t buttoned like I’m single,” Olivia said.
  • 31:42 – Olivia said Joe made her feel like she was in a hostile work environment by letting his co-hosts know that they don’t dress sexy enough, and that Olivia is carrying the show.

You can view the episode that caused Olivia Dope to leave the See, The Thing Is podcast and The Joe Budden Network below:


After a break in the episode’s taping, Olivia said Joe attempted to lighten the mood with an on-air hug. Later in the episode, Joe gives the cast their accolades, but there is another edit. According to Olivia, a deleted portion has Joe saying “Olivia is unique, because I wanna f*** Olivia, and the fans love her.”

“Those words are edited out, but what’s left there is me widening my eyes in shock and embarrassment.” She said.

Joe Budden has yet to publicly respond to the allegations.

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