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With VERZUZ taking on a life of its own ever since Timbaland and Swizz Beatz first started the friendly virtual competition back in 2020, many have been forming their own dream matchups for future battles in the series.

One duo that constantly keeps getting brought up is New York rap kings Jay-Z and Nas, but the former’s longtime right hand man, Memphis Bleek, is saying Esco doesn’t even have the song catalogue to go up against Hova. 


Bleek made the claim in favor of Jay during an interview with veteran sportswriter Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, where he boldly stated “there’s no comparison” between the Queens-bred Nasir Jones and Brooklyn’s own Shawn Carter, further making his point clear by adding, “Nas doesn’t have enough songs to compete. And it’s no disrespect to him–he just don’t. Like, he just don’t. Jay can battle someone with just his B-sides concert catalogue and still be better than people’s A-side.”

When asked if there was anyone capable of going against The Blueprint rapper, Memphis mentioned none other than the eternal legend Biggie himself, going on to say of the late Christopher Wallace, “That was his only competition that I ever seen–that he even felt was competition… Jay knew.”

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While it’s an easy scapegoat for Memphis Bleek to say Jay-Z’s only competition is someone who isn’t alive, not to mention on the rap caliber of The Notorious B.I.G., we’re sure he can come up with someone that’s been in the game and worthy of stepping in the ring with S. Carter.

Listen to Bleek break his opinion down further with Scoop B below, and let us know if you think Nas vs Jay-Z would make a good VERZUZ battle or if you think the competition could be better:

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