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Alpo Martinez

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Even in his afterlife, Alpo’s name continues to ring bells. A new article details his low profile life in Maine under an alias.


Recently The Sun Journal dug deeper into the Harlem, New York native’s second life in The Pine Tree State as a member of the witness protection program. Not only does the feature confirm that he was released from prison in 2015, but it also goes into depth about his day to day as Abraham Rodriguez. The news outlet reports that he held various jobs including as a Pepsi fulfillment center employee and most recently as a construction worker.

The accounts from his neighbors show that while he didn’t share much he still had a love for the fast life. “He kept to himself a lot,” said Harold Hanlon, but “he’d do anything for you.” Kaileigh Tara, who lived above his three bedroom apartment, says he owned a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a luxury sedan aside from the truck he was murdered in. His neighbors also said he was seeing multiple women at once during the six years he lived there.

They also confirmed he would make frequent trips to New York. Additionally, he would receive visitors including children who were presumed to be his kids. According to eyewitnesses he hadn’t been seen in that Lewiston, Maine area in months but returned a couple of weeks ago with a U-Haul van that he filled up with some of his belongings.

As of this time the New York Police Department has yet to identify any suspects. It is rumored Alpo was cremated days after his tragic death.

Photo: YouTube

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