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Vials labeled ‘smallpox’ found at vaccine research facility in Pennsylvania, CDC says

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Several vials labeled “smallpox” have been found at a vaccine research facility in Pennsylvania.

in a statement emailed to CNN. “There is no indication that anyone has been exposed to the small number of frozen vials,”

The laboratory worker who incidentally found the vials while cleaning out a freezer was wearing gloves and a mask. The CDC said the vials contents seemed intact and its Administration partners, and law enforcement are investigating everything.

Smallpox, also known as variola, was declared eradicated in 1980 by the World Health Organization after a concerted global vaccination effort. Before that, the virus, which passes easily from person to person, infected 15 million people a year and killed about 30% of them. The last known outbreak in the US was in 1947.


Source: CNN


Monkey pox In Maryland Resident Confirmed: Officials

So here in Maryland according to the Maryland Department of Health A Maryland resident  who recently returned from Nigeria has been diagnosed with monkey pox. They said People who are infected with monkey pox typically get flu-like symptoms and swollen lymph nodes, and they develop a rash on the face and body. The illness rarely occurs in humans outside Africa and generally lasts for two to four weeks.

Authorities reported the person infected has mild symptoms and is in isolation but is not hospitalized and those who may have been exposed will be monitored for 21 days.

No need to panic are worry according to officials no special health precautions were needed for the public.

Source: Patch



‘She Was A Beautiful Person’: Friends, Neighbors, Remember 69-Year-Old Woman Killed Inside Southern Baptist Church

Keeping it in town this is sad and so tragic as a 69 year old woman was found fatally stabbed in a  bathroom at a church in East Baltimore. 

Evelyn Player was 69 years old and a longtime member of Southern Baptist church where she attended from childhood.

Baltimore City Police say around 6 a.m., she opened the church doors for contractors who were there to do renovations. Then less than an hour later she was found by another employee. Police say she was stabbed to death in the bathroom.

Aletha Finch her daughter described her mother Evelyn Player as loving, kindhearted and God fearing. Her mom was at the church because she picked up a shift for a friend.

“Because her friend needed help, that’s what she did,” Finch said. “She offered her hand and went to help her friend.”

Mayor Brandon Scott said “This is not okay. None of us should be okay. Her family is four generations strong at Southern and all of our hearts should be with solving this unthinkable cowardly act,”

If you have any information about the incident, you’re asked to give police a call at 410-396-2100 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP.

Murder of an elderly black women in a church, in our community. Just horrific and repulsive.

Blessings, prayers and strength to her family friends, and loved ones.

Source: CBS / WMAR

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