THE BUZZ! In a first, CDC to recommend antibiotic pill after sex for some to prevent sexually transmitted infections A new sex pill. This one is being recommended by the CDC to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, Officials say the strong antibiotic pill known as Doxy-pep for short could help tremendously in the fight […]

THE BUZZ! Health advisory issued for rare bacterial infection that has claimed the lives of a dozen Americans Next, This might make you not want to get in the water or eat what comes out of it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a health alert in response to recent reports […]

THE BUZZ! Which arm gets the Covid-19 booster may make a difference, study shows A new study suggests that which arm you get your Covid-19 booster might make a difference. The study, published in eBioMedicine, found that people who got their booster shot in the same arm as their first two shots had a significantly higher […]

THE BUZZ! Georgia resident dies from rare brain-eating amoeba, “likely infected while swimming” in a lake or pond Next, Georgia is in the news again for one of their residents passing away from a rare phenomenon. The Georgia Department of Health said in a news release that a person was infected with Naegleria fowleri, an amoeba that destroys brain tissue, causes brain […]

THE BUZZ!     CDC study warns of ‘dramatic increase’ in deadly fungus across US First up. There’s a new warning from the CDC. This alarm is for a rare and sometimes deadly fungal disease called Candida aurism. Health officials said, the fungus, which affects primarily old people and those with weakened immune systems, rejects treatments from […]

THE BUZZ! CDC issues alert on new respiratory virus that can paralyze children So the past couple years we have been dealing with a variety of viruses. From the different versions of covid-19 to monkey pox, it feels like the 2020’s has been the era of the virus. Get ready for another one,  EV-D68 also […]

The Buzz! New York adult diagnosed with polio, first US case in nearly a decade Tired of these viruses yet? Covid 19, lately cases of monkey pox and now according to the New York Department of Health for the first time since 2013 someone gets diagnosed with polio. This case is a weaker strain of […]

Jayland Walker’s Body Was Still Handcuffed After Arriving At The Coroner’s Office, Report Reveals There are more details coming out about the fatal police shooting of 25 year old Jaland Walkers, who was shot over 60 times. Recently body cam footage of the incident was released and showed officers chasing Jayland and firing multiple shots, […]

Dave Chappelle’s Not Kidding Dave Chappelle is no stranger to the spotlight he’s been considered one of the best comedians of all time and with that comes with a lot of attention and at his level some great honors. But one of those honors though he declined to accept. Dave was in town recently at […]

At least 12 dead in another weekend of mass shootings across America Another weekend another mass shooting, in multiple states. Violence erupted again over the weekend leaving at least 12 people  killed, and at least 38 injured.  Now this is coming off of a Holiday weekend when 9 people were killed and 60 people were […]