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CDC issues alert on new respiratory virus that can paralyze children

So the past couple years we have been dealing with a variety of viruses.
From the different versions of covid-19 to monkey pox, it feels like the 2020’s has been the era of the virus.
Get ready for another one,  EV-D68 also known as enterovirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sent out a warning concerning an increase in the spread of a contagious virus that can cause permanent paralysis in children.
According to the CDC “Most people who get infected with non-polio enteroviruses do not get sick, or they only have mild illness, like the common cold. Symptoms of mild illness can include fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough, skin rash, mouth blisters, and body and muscle aches.”
If the 2020’s are the era of the virus it’s scary because we are only two years in.

Michael Blackson Reveals Beef With Katt Williams: [He’s] Still Mad”

Comedians make fun of all kinds of things and people. Sometimes they even make fun of other comedians.
Well a joke to one person can be an insult to another.
That is the situation with Michael Blackston and Katt Williams.
Allegedly Katt didn’t appreciate a few jokes Michael made on an episode of Drink Champs when he praised Katt for being likable, despite that he “did crack and fought a 10-year old boy.”
And at a recent taping of a Wildin Out episode with the two of them. Katt went in on Micahel.
Afterwards Michael took to social media to address the issue.
“Life is too short to be beefing especially with people you love. I love every comedian like a brother, sometimes we say things about each other and it comes out the wrong way but we don’t mean no harm.” As for his statements on Drink Champs in which  “Katt took it as insult and I had no idea he was still mad till we met on the taping of Wild N Out yesterday.
He also tweeted, Since you only 4 ft 9 inch tall imma be the bigger person and try to squash this, We’ve known each other over 25 yrs. We go back from the Friday movies, then Repos to Meet the blacks not counting the few tours we’ve done together.
He finished with “Let me know how you want to handle this Katt, I’m down with a VS on stage or you can just fight my 15 yr old son.”

R. Kelly Convicted on Child Pornography, Sex Abuse Charges


R Kelly was back in court and was convicted again.
In Chicago yesterday a federal jury found him guilty on three counts of child pornography and three counts of child enticement.
There was some good news for the 55 year old R&B star.  The jury acquitted him on a fourth pornography count as well as a conspiracy to obstruct justice charge accusing him fixing his state child pornography trial in 2008. He was found not guilty on all three counts of conspiring to receive child pornography and for two further enticement charges.
In Chicago, a conviction of just one count of child pornography carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years, while receipt of child pornography carries a mandatory minimum of five years.
Already sentenced to 30 years we will see if the new sentencing will run simultaneously or added on.