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Jayland Walker’s Body Was Still Handcuffed After Arriving At The Coroner’s Office, Report


There are more details coming out about the fatal police shooting of 25 year old Jaland Walkers, who was shot over 60 times.
Recently body cam footage of the incident was released and showed officers chasing Jayland and firing multiple shots, over 90 of them.

Well now more info is coming out according to the Summit County medical examiner’s report, photos revealed that Jayland was still handcuffed when his body arrived at the coroner’s office.
The incident is being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to see if the officers did any criminal wrong doing.
An attorney told CNN the eight officers that were “directly involved” in the shooting  have been placed on paid administrative leave. He also said, Jayland was unarmed and I’m going to echo exactly what the [police] chief said: Each one of those bullets — and there were over 90 of them — have to be accounted for and have to be shown to be meaningfully shot.”
I’m not sure they will be able to find cause for firing 90 times…. but we shall see.
Source: Blavity

GoFundMe for toddler whose parents were killed in Highland Park raises more than $2.5M

It seems like there are just so many stories of gun violence and tragic loss of life recently. And with the mass shooting that happened at Highland Park the tragic stories continue.
Like the one of Aiden McCarthy, a 2 year old  boy, who is now an orphan because both his parents were killed in the parade shooting.  Aiden’s Father was killed while shielding him from the gunfire.
A local couple told CBS , that they found Aiden  in shock and with a stranger. he was then taken by police and was later reunited with his grandparents at a hospital.
Well as the story came out about this, the money started coming in. A Go fund me was created for the young boy and as of yesterday afternoon, it had raised more than $2,528,000 from over 45,000 donations.
And I’m sure more money will be coming in but it’s crazy how one persons decision can affect so many lives.
Source: Yahoo

CDC: Deadly listeria outbreak spanning 10 states linked to ice cream

Well speaking of affecting lives, have you heard about the latest outbreak being talked about about by the CDC and its potentially deadly. I’m talking about Listeria, one of the most dangerous forms of food poisoning.
The CDC believes Big Olaf Creamery, a brand of ice cream only sold in Florida, may be to blame. Of the 17 people interviewed by the CDC, 14 reported eating ice cream before experiencing symptoms.
According to the CDC, six of those 14 people mentioned Big Olaf Creamery.
Big Olaf Creamery said in a statement that while the company is cooperating with the ongoing investigation, “it is only speculation” that their ice cream is the culprit. “Our brand has not been confirmed to be linked to these cases,” “Nothing has been proven.”
As for symptoms don’t usually start right away it could be anywhere from one to four weeks after eating contaminated food, but can start as soon as the same day. Those symptoms include fever, muscle aches, nausea and diarrhea, among others.
While it can be treated with antibiotics, listeria is especially dangerous to pregnant women, newborns, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.
If you think being lactose intolerance will give you some stomach issues. Listeria is nothing to play with.
Source: The Hill
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