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Many of us swear by rituals that can pretty much apply to anything, whether it be getting something borrowed and something blue before a wedding, blowing out candles while making a wish on your birthday or simply praying before every meal.

For champion boxing legend Mike Tyson, his ritual before every fight was a bit more, well, ‘carnal’ according to ex-bodyguard Rudy Gonzalez, who recently revealed that Iron Mike had to literally have sex before stepping in the ring to refrain from killing his opponent.


During an interview with The Sun, Gonzalez shared that Tyson had a constant need to release some of the intense raw energy bottled up inside before each of his boxing bouts. With feelings that ranged from rage and grief to other psychological torments that plagued him internally, Tyson would even resort to crying it out before matches in order to get the edge off.

Read on to learn more on how Mike Tyson got his rocks off before rocking jaws in the rings below, via The Sun:

“Gonzalex said: ‘One of the greatest secrets with Mike was that he needed to have sex in the dressing room before fights.

I would have to find a groupie, it did not matter who it was. He’d say ‘if I do not get laid I will kill this guy right now.’

Mike had to get laid to disengage some of the strength he had. So I had girls tucked away in bathrooms and changing rooms.

Sometimes he’d go in with them for a minute, bang the s*** out of them, snap his neck and say: ‘Okay this guy is going to live tonight.’

His biggest fear was that he would kill someone in that ring. He knew he could do it.”

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Gonzales went on to say that Mike viewed having sex before his fights as “his way of disengaging that power and loosening up a bit” being that his punches could only be compared to “a train hitting these guys.”

The revelation is part a celebration by many who knew the champ best as the world celebrates the 35th anniversary since Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history after beating Trevor Berbick in 1986 at 20 years old. Being that he never killed anyone in the ring — Evander Holyfield’s ear is another story! — we can say the mantra worked on his behalf in more ways than one.


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