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The ongoing conflict surrounding Critical Race Theory has caused mass confusion over what can simply be described as the education of Black people’s historic plight in America due to racism inflicted by our white counterparts.

We’ve become so divided on the subject that annual Black History Month teachings are now causing uproar at many institutions, with one elementary school in Indiana even going to the lengths of giving parents a chance to “opt out” their kids from lessons altogether.



Backlash on the Internet ensued earlier today after a school counselor’s letter from Sprunica Elementary went viral for allowing parents to sign a waiver permitting their child from being taught lessons “related to equity, caring and understanding differences.”

The full letter reads as follows:

“Dear Parents,

February is a time for caring and growing for our students. In honor of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, I will be coming around and teaching lessons related to equity, caring and understanding differences. These lessons will occur during the weeks of February 14th – 25th.

Studies show that students who have a greater understanding of diversity in the classroom and outside world will demonstrate improved learning outcomes such as improved grades, better peer relationships, and greater career success later on. These lessons can provide a great impact on students and help facilitate a better learning environment for all.

If you would like your child to receive the lessons in class, then you do not have to do anything. If you would like to to opt your child out for receiving these lessons, then sign the form below and have your child return it to the school to give to the teacher.

Thank you,

Benjamin White, LSC, M.S. Ed”

Once the letter made it to the general public, many deemed i as yet another attempt to sweep America’s sordid past of white supremacy under the rug.



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Popular MSNBC analyst Joy Reid also weighed in on the matter to call out the Critical Race Theory convo specifically (seen above), tweeting, “Learning about great Black people in history will clearly make their kids feel uncomfortable. Better to limit their knowledge of Black folks to whatever Fox News and Rogan say about them, just to be safe. Yay, Murica! #CRT.”

In a comment to Newsweek, Brown County Schools superintendent Emily Tracy said of the criticism, “Our district supports teaching about the facts in our history including historical injustices. We are and will continue to be committed to having compassion for all and supporting an education community that will allow all students, staff, families and community members the opportunity to feel welcome.”

Let us know where you stand in this ever-growing debate.


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