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Much like the shocking acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin almost 10 years ago to the date, Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty in his highly-publicized murder trial in Kenosha late last year caused many to feel a huge-yet-unsurprising letdown in the judicial system.

Also like Zimmerman, Rittenhouse is looking to extend his 15 minutes of infamy by launching a frivolous lawsuit campaign against media outlets, particularly The View host Whoopi Goldberg, for spreading the “lie” that he’s a murderer.


The Illinois teen, known for traveling to Wisconsin during protests last summer with an AR-15 rifle and killing two men in the name of self defense, stopped by conservative outlet Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday to reveal the plans of his pending lawsuit. “Right now we’re looking at quite a few,” Rittenhouse told the Fox News anchor in regards to an initiative he calls The Media Accountability Project, also adding, “Politicians, celebrities, athletes — Whoopi Goldberg’s on the list. She called me a murderer after I was acquitted by a jury of my peers. She went on to still say that. And there’s others.”

His reasoning stems from not wanting to see, in his words, “anybody else have to deal with what I went through,” while ending his announcement by stating, “We are going to hold everybody who’s lied about me accountable, such as everybody’s who’s lied, called me a white supremacist. They’re all gonna be held accountable and we’re going to handle them in a courtroom.”

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Experts are already stating that Rittenhouse’s success rate with this proposed lawsuit is “close to zero” according to The Journal Times, and we’d have to agree with that notion. Besides, it’s hard to fight the title of murderer when you’ve got two bodies on your hands — “self defense” or not.


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