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The thing about rap beefs is that 90% of the time it begins over an issue that probably could’ve been handled in private before things escalated into the booth. However, we also know that hip-hop is a business that can be lucratively fueled by a little competition on the charts.

The latest emcees headed towards a war on wax are former collaborators Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. It began just a week ago during the latter rapper’s headlining set at Essence Fest where she threw some shade at Kanye by skipping one of their fan-favorite collabs while seemingly referring to him as a “clown.”

Now, many believe Yeezy has fired back with his own form of shade by unfollowing the Queen rapper on Instagram.


“We don’t f*ck with clowns,” Nicki said as her longtime associate DJ Boof began playing Ye’s top 20 single “Monster” from his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Many have long heralded Minaj’s feature on the track, which also includes rap heavyweights Jay-Z and Rick Ross, as being the shining moment on the record and surpassing the boys by a long shot. Some have even called it the breakout moment of her rap rookie days, yet now it looks like the Pink Friday hitmaker may never perform the verse again.

It’s still being determined what could’ve caused the change of heart between Nicki and Kanye, but all signs point to his latest feature on the new single of her rap rival, Cardi B. Titled “Hot Shit,” Ye’s verse is littered with profanity and gang references that contradict his Christian beliefs, which previously made him shelve the highly-anticipated Nicki Minaj feature, “New Body,” due to the track’s explicit language.

Both the song and album it was to be featured on,YANDHI, were scrapped in favor of a more gospel-oriented project titled Jesus Is King.


Whatever the issue is, we just hope Nicki Minaj and Kanye West can put the BS aside and get back to making bangers together. If nothing else, may the best emcee (or femcee!) win.

Take a look back on better times below:



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