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Sho’ You Right: The Oxford Dictionary of African American English is On The Way

A new dictionary is on the way. One that will have words created by African American culture. Words like crib, finna, bae, side hustle, and more will have a home.
The Oxford University Press and Harvard University are collaborating to create the Oxford Dictionary of African American English (ODAAE).
According to The New York Times, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. , who is the Director of Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for African and American Research, will serve as the editor in chief of this project.

He said, “Words with African origins such as ‘goober,’ ‘gumbo’ and ‘okra’ survived the Middle Passage along with our African ancestors. And words that we take for granted today, such as ‘cool’ and ‘crib,’ ‘hokum’ and ‘diss,’ ‘hip’ and ‘hep,’ ‘bad,’ meaning ‘good,’ and ‘dig,’ meaning ‘to understand’—these are just a tiny fraction of the words that have come into American English from African American speakers, neologisms that emerged out of the Black Experience in this country, over the last few hundred years.”
The Oxford Dictionary of African American English is scheduled to be released in 2025.
Source: The Root / Esssence

Mississippi police chief fired after audio of slurs surfaces

A white police chief in Mississippi got fired after audio of what he says gets leaked.
Officer Robert Hooker a black officer in the department recorded a nearly 17-minute clip of a conversation he had with the now former police chief.
In that recording the chief allegedly uses racist and homophobic slurs, telling one of his officers he wouldn’t care if the officer “killed a m*therf**ker in cold blood,” and that he himself had killed 13 people. He can be heard claiming he justified chasing a man across a field and shooting him 119 times.
The chief said he was unaware of a recording, denied using slurs, saying “I don’t talk like that,” and declined to comment on the alleged shootings.
The Sheriff of Holmes County told CNN there was “no doubt in our minds that it’s Mr. Dobbins” voice on the recording.
And how many more individuals are really like that in our police forces across the country. Sad.
Source: CNN

Forgotten co-defendant of Central Park 5 to be exonerated

Story of the the Central Park 5 has been told, made into a documentary and even a movie. It could’ve been called the Central Park 5 and the forgotten one. The forgotten one being, Steven Lopez.
The other co-defendant arrested along with five other teenagers in the rape and assault case.
Lopez reached a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to the lesser charge of robbing a male jogger and now it seems
Well at 48 years of age Lopez served three years in jail and never received any settlement money.
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg told the Times, “We talk about the Central Park Five, the Exonerated Five, but there were six people on that indictment. The other five who were charged, their convictions were vacated. And it’s now time to have Mr. Lopez’s charge vacated.”