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Parents, residents sue to place ‘All Lives Matter’ or ‘Blue Lives Matter’ posters in school

In Lakeville Minnesota a group of parents and residents have filed a lawsuit against the school district.
According to the complaint, back in 2020 the superintendent told teachers not to display Black Lives Matter posters in their classrooms and informed families that such posters violate the district’s policy against political endorsements.
But the following spring the district ordered a series of “inclusive” posters, two of which said “Black Lives Matter,” to “support staff in creating school communities where students are respected, valued and welcome.”
One local resident asked that “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter” posters also be displayed, but was denied.

He was told the reason was that the messaging on these posters was “created specifically in opposition to Black Lives Matter” and “discount the struggle” of Black students and others in the country.
So now the group is asking a judge to order the district either to stop displaying “Black Lives Matter” posters or to give equal space to the plaintiffs’ viewpoint.
Yes all lives matter but that cannot be true if Black Lives are not a part of the all. Very simple.
Source: The Griot

The Swim Cap for Black Hair Finally Gets Olympic Approval

Another situation where African Americans had some challenges recently is in swimming.

Black swimmers used a brand name Soul caps made specifically for natural Black and textured hair.
But FINA, the world governing body for aquatic sports, banned the use of the caps at the Olympics.
According to the Associated Press FINA stated that athletes competing at this level “never used, neither require to use, caps of such size and configuration.”
Now FINA has reversed their thinking and have decided to allow Soul caps to be worn in Olympic competition.
The executive director at FINA said “Promoting diversity and inclusivity is at the heart of FINA’s work, and it is very important that all aquatic athletes have access to the appropriate swimwear.”
Now I can’t wait to see one of us getting a gold medal on the podium with a soul cap on.
Source: The Root

Baltimore County will hunt for the worst potholes with laser technology

Sometimes you can be driving and see a pothole ahead. Other times you find out too late. And some roads have some really bad ones. like send your car to the shop bad.
Baltimore County is planning on doing something about it.
Instead of just driving around and trying to find out where all the potholes are. The county is using laser technology to help them find the worst potholes out there in order to prioritize repairs.
According to the company’s website, it can collect road data and images while traveling up to 60 miles per hour which “allows us to safely collect images at highway speeds without disrupting traffic.”
And that’s wassup.
Might as well do that statewide.