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N-word use on Twitter rises by 500 percent after Elon Musk takeover

The richest man in the United States is now the official owner of Twitter. He purchased the social media platform for $44 billion.
On October 28th Musk tweeted “Comedy is now legal on Twitter.” But there has been a lot happening on the platform that is far from comical.

The deal was closed on October27th and in just 12 hours after, according to The Washington Post, a report from the Network Contagion Research Institute found that the use of the N-word “has increased nearly 500 percent from the previous average.”
The NCRI learned that there have been a lot of anonymous accounts spurring derogatory tweets, testing the limits of Twitter all in the name of Free speech.
Tweets like “I can freely express how much I hate n*****s … now, thank you elon.” Or Another tweet live “Elon now controls twitter. Unleash the racial slurs. K***S AND N*****S.”
 And it doesn’t stop there. There has also been an increase in homophobia, transphobia, and sexist threats. Not to mention Nazi memes, and all other kinds of hate speech.
Goes to show, there is still a lot of hate in this world.
Move accordingly.
Source: Revolt


What’s at stake as the Supreme Court considers banning race in college admissions: ‘Basic fairness’

The highest court in the land is meeting today and its all about affirmative action when it comes to Universities.
The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on whether or not colleges and universities can keep using race, as a factor in the admission process.
The cases deal with the admissions policies of Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) sued both schools, alleging their policies, which consider race as a factor in admissions, discriminate against Asian American applicants.
An assistant law professor at the University of D.C said, eliminating race-conscious admissions would have “devastating consequences on people of color, minorities generally.” And added that, “We absolutely still need race conscious admissions programs. The whole point of affirmative action was not to reward historically advantaged groups. The whole point was to remedy past discrimination, whether intentional or not, and that has not been remedied, whether we like to admit it or not.”
Keep in mind this is specifically about education but the decision could have a big impact on other industries as well.
The The Supreme Court is looking specifically at education in considering these cases, but their decision could have impacts for other industries as well.
Now we already know that no precedent is safe as the Supreme Court not too long ago reversed the Roe vs Wade decision.
Source: Fox

Men exonerated in Malcolm X killing to receive $36 million

We all know about the great Malcolm X and the icon that he is. We also know he was assassinated back in 1965.
After that tragic incident two young brothers were attested and charged with the murder of Malcolm.
The two men, Muhammad Aziz, Khalil Islam were finally exonerated last year of the crime. A judge dismissed the convictions due to new evidence of witness intimidation and suppression of evidence
A decision that came after the two spent decades behind bars.
Now they are getting paid.
Attorney for the men confirmed the city of New York is  agreeing to pay $26 million for the wrongful convictions.  Also another $10 million.
The $36 million will be divided equally between Aziz and the estate of Islam.
So many cases like this.
Source: CNN