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Ryan’s Rant


I remember the days of living by myself.

The days when you lost something and it was just lost until you found it. Because you did not have other human beings running around in the same living quarters as you rummaging through things.

That’s how I look at my family when they tell me they found something in the house, that belongs to me.

But I’m like you found it in the house, that means that thing more than likely belongs to someone in this house. if it is not yours.

It’s mine now, is usually the answer.

I’m not sure when I missed the elections for this new law of the land. But My wife and two sons actually move like this.

Don’t leave any loose money around, if they find it,they claim it. Don’t leave something they like to eat in the refrigerator, they’ll eat it.

There is no rules to the game just that if they can use it and they find it, you just lost it.

I’m under a new world order in my house and I am starting a revolution to fight against the powers that be, even if I stand alone. The odds are against me as 3 to 1 but I’ll keep fighting for what’s right.

You cannot, I repeat, cannot lose things, or misplace something in your own home and family finds it and claims it.

I know I’m not the only one that is a victim of this kind of brutal family taxation.

They’re lucky they’re mine. Lol!