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The Only U.S. Territory Without U.S. Birthright Citizenship

The United States is made up of 50 states, one federal district, Washington DC, and four territories Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.
And if you are born in any of thee areas you are US citizen. But there is one U.s territory where that rule does not apply, the American Samoas.
A territory held by the United States for 120 years

But if you are born in the Samoa you are not a U.S. citizen, instead you are a nationalist. The difference prevents them from doing certain things like voting, running for office, and holding specific jobs like law enforcement.
However, they are allowed to serve in the military. Matter of fact the report says more soldiers per capita come from the Pacific territory than from any other U.S. territory or state.
Samoans are able to become citizens. But they must move to the mainland, pass a history test, and pay at least $725 before legal fees. Not to mention the process is a long one and comes without any guarantee of success.
Crazy how that works.

Workers at a boot store are owed almost $360,000 because some wages were paid in gift cards

Speaking of work.

How would you like to work for gift cards, to the store you work for.
There’s a company in Canada that did just that.
The company called Dayotn Boots was paying its employees part of their salaries with cash and the other half with gift cards.
An investigation of wage records showed that starting in June 2020, some employees began seeing deductions in their gross wages, initially labelled “other deduction,” then “Dayton Card,” and finally, “Dayton Gift Card.”
The company’s explanation according to one if its directors was that employees were required to wear Dayton equipment while working, so he found a way to pay for the boots by incorporating it into the company’s pay structure.
He added that his staff had verbally agreed to accept a weekly remuneration package worth C$600 in cash and a “merchandise credit” for another $600, which was never meant to be a replacement for wages.

Also claiming that 36 of the 71 employees were “brand ambassadors” and not subject to the same labor laws as other staff.
After a complaint filed by two employees the courts determined they needed to payback the the amount of salaries in gift cars totaling almost $360,000.
They definitely tried it.

Company fires 2,700 workers while they were sleeping days before Thanksgiving

Keeping it in the workforce.
When I read this story I thought about Craig in Friday getting fired on his day off.
But what about getting fired while you sleep. That is what this company did when they decided to let go of 2,700 employees.
They sent a text message to all 2,700 workers in the middle of the night telling them you are no longer employed, effective immediately.
A Mississippi furniture store sent those termination text messages right before midnight on November 21st.
They were also notified by email that the layoff from the company is expected to be permanent. And all benefits will be terminated immediately without provision of Cobra.”

As for employee personal belongins, they said “As soon as the property manager can provide a safe and orderly process for former employees to come and gather their belongings, they will do so … We are not certain of the timeframe for this but will communicate proactively,”

So no money, no health insurance, I have to wait to get my things. And to have that all this take place just days before the Thanksgiving holiday.
Source: The Guardian