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Smokey Robinson Claims He Had An Affair With Diana Ross While He Was Married And Regrets It: ‘Lasted Longer Than It Should Have’

Motown legend Smokey Robinson is getting personal and spilling the beans.
In an interview on Vlad TV, he spoke on his relationship with Motown label mate Diana Ross.
He said while they were close friends and work associates their platonic friendship eventually became a romantic one.
One that he regrets. He explained, “It lasted probably longer than it should because I was married at the time.”
Not sure why Smokey is choosing now to speak on all of this .
But it looks like Smokey was definitely liked cruising and shopping around.

Source: Blavity


Alec Baldwin to be charged with involuntary manslaughter in ‘Rust’ movie set shooting

Actor and movie star Alec Baldwin who made headlines back in 2021 for the accidental fatal shooting of a man on a movie set.
Somehow Baldwin used a gun that was filled with live bullet rounds instead of dummies during a scene.
Alec has since claimed his innocence and said he didn’t pull the trigger.
But it seems as the courts will proceed with the case and Baldwin will be criminally charged.
He is being charged along with the movie’s armorer on two counts
One for involuntary manslaughter, and the other for involuntary manslaughter in the commission of a lawful act, This charge includes a firearm enhancement, which adds a mandatory penalty of five years in jail.
They face a minimum of 18 months in jail if convicted.
Source: CNBC

Man, 18, charged with murder in death of his 8-year-old brother in west Baltimore

Back in town.
Over west an 18 year old is in custody after being charged for fatally shooting his 8 year old brother.
According to police charging documents the 8 year old boy was shot in the  in his back, head and shoulders inside a house in the 2100 block of Presbury Street. He was taken to a hospital where he later passed.
His brother was found in the house with the shotgun held to his head. Police were able to talk him into putting the gun down.
Police found that the older brother was left to watch his four younger siblings, ranging in age from 2 to 8. He also called his Mother and told her his brother was shot.
He told his stepfather that the brother had shot himself.
Police said Wilson bought the shotgun from an unknown person and that its purchase was not considered illegal because Wilson is 18 and has no known criminal background, and the firearm is not considered to be a regulated firearm.
He is charged with first and second degree murder.
Source:  WBAL