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Hulu’s upcoming documentary on Freaknik, the infamous Spring break festival that took place during the 90’s in Atlanta.
The documentary called Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told, has created a lot of buzz, and a lot of panic.
People are starting to worry about reappearing video that may show them in a light that is not in line with their current lifestyle.
Some folks are more worried than others though.

News One reports a group of Black women professionals, including a politician, three high-level corporate executives, and a judge, have lawyered up and are threatening to sue Hulu in hopes of stopping the documentary’s release,
Release of the new documentary is planned for April 2024, which will be the 30th anniversary of the renowned Freaknik festival of 1994.
Looks like some people had a lot more fun than others.
Get ready for some Freaknik stories to be relived, retold, and soon to be re-watched.

Man found guilty of spitting at police gets 70 years in prison

What do you have to do to get sentenced to 70 years in prison?
Did spitting on someone come to mind?
That is the situation for a man from Texas who was arrested for domestic violence.
The man was clearly unhappy that he was being detained rather than the victim once he was in the police car.
He was kicking the officer’s car and shouting. When they opened the door to tell him to stop, he spat on them. And continued spitting once at the detention center.
During his sentencing, the prosecutor urged the jury to choose a sentence that would “send a message” to this man and society.
Also claiming that he had a history of violent family behavior and serious robbery charges.
That might have influenced the jury’s decision who came back with a sentence of 70 years for harassing a public servant and spitting at police officers.
The prosecutor also said, that the sentence would not have been as substantial for someone with no criminal history.

“But I think the reason for that enhancement being the law is if you’re going to choose to live a life of crime and to be a criminal, you can do that around other criminals in prison and not in a free society with law-abiding people,”

He might never spit again after that sentence. Ouch,

Source: The Hill / Yahoo

Police: Myrtle Beach mom charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Remember the big news story about the Americans that were kidnapped by a Mexican cartel recently.
A story that got national attention. Two of the four citizens unfortunately did not make it back. As for the other two they were safely returned to the states.
However, one of them, the women returned home only to be jailed after enduring such a tragic ordeal.
She is charges for allegedly contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
According to the arrest warrant 34-year-old Latavia Washington McGee, and her minor daughter(s) went to an apartment complex to fight another juvenile; however, a family member removed her from the situation.
A victim stated the girls mother hit him reached in her purse and started waiving a pistol around before they left in a cream-colored Lexus SUV.

Officers said they viewed a videotape of the entire incident. Following an investigation, McGee and a 56-year-old unnamed woman were identified as suspects.

McGee was arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Source: WMBF