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Crump speaks out amid backlash over Black Walmart employee put in cage


This retail superstore’s charity fundraiser raised more backlash than money

Walmart is facing a lot of criticism over it’s decision to confine a Black staffer in a cage for a charity fundraising initiative.

In a video that surfaced, an employee is depicted inside a makeshift “jail,” accompanied by signs encouraging customers to “bail” him out.

That led to civil rights lawyer Ben Crump to speak out about it.

He expressed his outrage through a Twitter post, stating, “Putting a Black employee in a cage should NOT have been the solution to raise funds. Why did no one at Walmart realize this before this offensive and humiliating event happened?”

ABC 6 News reported an image of a Black worker enclosed in a cage with a sign that read, “I’m in Jail!!! I need Bail!!! Help me raise $50 to get out!! All donations going to Hasbro Children’s Miracle Network!!”

A BLM director said, “This display not only perpetuates harmful stereotypes, but also showcases a blatant lack of respect and understanding for the experiences of marginalized communities.”

Walmart officials said the fundraising exhibit should not be used because it violated company policy. They have since removed it.

What in the battle of the planet of the apes is going on here,

They should’ve thought this through a little more, and in Rhode Island too.

Source: Griot

It’s About Time: Angela Bassett Is FINALLY Getting Her Oscar

Is it a better late than never, long time coming,  or about damn time situation, or all of the above.
Talking about the superstar Angela Bassett finally getting an Oscar, well an honorary one. But an Oscar nonetheless. It just took over four decades and some unforgettable classic roles.
The Honorary Oscar is awarded “to honor extraordinary distinction in lifetime achievement, exceptional contributions to the state of motion picture arts and sciences, or outstanding service to the Academy.”
Varity confirmed that Angela will receive the honor at this year’s Governors Awards, held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
And she’s played in many Oscar winning roles, so we’ll see how long it actually does take for her to get a real one.

California man mistakenly donates $15K instead of $150 to food relief program: ‘Yikes’


It’s real easy to make some mistakes, but some can be costly.

Just ask this California man who wanted to help his 70-year-old neighbor’s charity, so he donated $105 to “Urgent Food Relief Needed: Bangladesh.”

That’s what he thought. Until he received a text message informing him that he had an unusually large transaction on his credit card. A payment of $15,041 was made to GoFundMe.

“It appears he accidentally started typing his credit card information while my cursor was still in the donation box, and just like that, $150 became $15041.”

When he contacted GoFundMe, he was promised that a refund will be issued.

Meanwhile, the charity was celebrating the big donation and showed their gratitude by sending photos and videos.

He said, “Literally hundreds of photos of frail, elderly, disabled, and malnourished individuals holding signs with my name.”

After clarifying his mistake to the organization, Michael donated $1,500 instead of the anticipated $105 once the refund was processed.

The story received some attention and lead to others donating as well.

As for the charity they surpassed their donation goal. And now he says doesn’t feel as bad about taking his money back

Good ending to that story.


Source: New York Post