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225 Teachers Must Pay Back More Than $280,000 to School District After Accidentally Receiving Bonuses

First up.
It isn’t always finders keepers.
Just ask these 225 English teachers in this North Carolina school district  who received a surprise bonus in their paychecks, only to be notified five days later it was a mistake.
The $1,250 bonuses, intended for new recruits to work in the school system, were accidentally issued to existing staff.
A $281,250 payroll error.
To rectify the situation, the school district offered the impacted teachers two options: repay the full amount in their February paycheck or opt for a three-month repayment plan.

Which one are you picking?  The way my bills are setup, I might have to create option three: an extra extended repayment plan.
The district expressed their sincere apologies for any inconvenience or distress caused by the error and reassured their employees of their appreciation for their hard work.
I bet they do, they want that money back.
Source: People