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Woman Arrested After Taking a Corpse to a Bank to Co-Sign a Loan

Ok, so this story seems like a scene from a movie but it really happened. It’s even more shocking because there is actual video of it happening.
In this video, a woman named Erika walks into a bank with a man in a wheelchair, claiming he is her uncle. While there, she was trying to get her so-called uncle to sign a loan for $3,400.

The problem is that this story takes a strange twist. The man in the wheel chair, were you ready for this. dead. And had been for a few hours, according to paramedics who responded to the scene.
The video footage is crazy—she is talking to dead body like he’s just a grumpy grandpa, even holding the pen in his lifeless hand, and repeatedly trying to hold his head up.
A bank teller, noticing something was not right about the man in the wheel chair, and called the cops. The woman told police the man must’ve died in the wheelchair while at the bank.
She has been charged with attempted theft by fraud and abuse of a corpse.
Now she’s wrong for even thinking about doing this. And dead wrong for even trying.
Source: daily mail