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Florida cops appear to race cruisers down street in viral video, sparking probe

A video showing three Miami-Dade police cruisers apparently racing each other has gone viral, and let’s just say the department isn’t too happy about it.  The footage shows the cop cars lined up at a light, then peeling off like it’s a scene straight out of The Fast and the Furious.
While the street seems clear, this stunt isn’t exactly setting a good example, right?  Miami-Dade PD is now investigating the officers involved and promises to take appropriate action.  The video has people fired up online, with many calling out the officers for seemingly breaking the very laws they’re supposed to uphold.

This incident comes as Florida cracks down on dangerous street racing.  A new law just went into effect that slaps serious penalties on anyone caught racing on public roads.  First offense? Up to $2,000 fine and a year without a license.  Second offense? That’s a felony, people!
Maybe these officers should face the same penalties and even more.
I’m not sure, but I don’t think police departments are into hiring felons.
Source: NY Post