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Man confesses to killing hospitalized wife because he couldn’t afford to care for her, police say

A 76-year-old Missouri man, Ronnie Wiggs, is accused of a shocking crime. Police say he choked his wife in her hospital bed, allegedly driven by the immense financial burden of her medical care.
Wiggs reportedly confessed to the act while still at the hospital. Staff overheard him say, “I did it, I killed her!”

Court documents detail a tragic sequence of events. He allegedly choked his wife while she was receiving a new dialysis port. Hospital staff called a “code blue” when she became unresponsive. Although they revived her pulse, she was determinedly brain dead. Sadly, she passed away the following day.
Following his arrest, the man reportedly told a detective he smothered his wife by covering her nose and mouth to prevent her screams. The affidavit reveals a disturbing pattern. Wiggs admitted to a previous attempt on his wife’s life at a rehabilitation facility, but she woke up and stopped him. The document also states he planned another attempt during this hospitalization but was deterred by the monitors attached to her.
The man is currently facing second-degree murder charges and a hefty bond.
This has all the makings of a day time  soap opera day time drama; unfortunately, this is real.
Source: NBC