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Equinox launches $40,000 membership to help you live longer

Most gym memberships are to help people get in shape and live fitter. But for this luxury gym membership,. its about living longer and having the ultimate luxury health and wellness experience.
high-end fitness chain Equinox is launching one of the most expensive gym memberships in the world
They are teaming up with Function Health to launch a program called “Optimize by Equinox, The program is all about living your best life for as long as possible.

Each member has a team focused on personal training, nutrition coaching, sleep coaching, and even massage therapy—all designed just for you.
Now, all this pampering doesn’t come cheap. The new program will cost $3,000 a month for a minimum of six months. The fee doesn’t include an Equinox gym membership, which brings the total to about $40,000 or more for the year.
A co-founder of Function Health’ said their mission is to help people live “100 healthy years.” And adding, “Living 100 healthy years doesn’t happen inside of a doctor’s office; It happens in your daily decisions. And it also happens with the way in which you exercise.”
The Optimize program will initially be available starting at the end of May in New York City and Highland Park, Texas, and will eventually roll out to other states, according to Equinox.
Source: CNBC