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TIME Magazine has been bestowing the honor of “Person Of The Year,” formerly broken down by gender prior to 1999, ever since the popular news publication first began the prestigious ranking in 1929.

The honorific title has sparked annual mass conversation for almost a century now with each new honoree. This year in particular had many asking for a recount though after it was given to 50-year-old tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, with the real people’s champ being Black police officer Eugene Goodman for his courage shown during the Capitol riots back in January.



There’s no denying that Musk had an astronomical year in 2021 that saw him become recognized as the wealthiest person in the world, be seen as a pioneer to the cryptocurrency movement and even successfully manufacturing a transportation service for space travel just to name a few career accomplishments. However, a handful of social media spectators felt like the honor should’ve been given to someone that actually did a heroic gesture for the nation outside of monetary gain or clout exposure. Goodman’s unaccompanied defense of the Senate chamber against Trump-supporting rioters on January 6, 2021 made him a perfect candidate for a lot of folks out there, with his quick-witted diversion tactics said to have prevented major bloodshed.

Although Goodman didn’t go without being honored completely — Senate ceremoniously awarded him the Congressional Gold Medal and he got to throw the first pitch on behalf of the Washington Nationals against the Mets this past summer — there’s something that should truly be said about how clever he was in single-handedly maneuvering the mob to a place where they could be properly apprehended.

Peep the video that went viral from that day in question below, which shows just how much strength Eugene Goodman possessed in those unpredictable minutes:

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Keep scrolling to get a look at the response from the masses that would’ve preferred to see Eugene Goodman as TIME Magazine‘s 2021 Person Of The Year:

Many Argue For Black Capitol Riots Cop Eugene Goodman To Be Named As TIME’s 2021 Person Of The Year  was originally published on

1. This right here is my person of the year. May blessings rain down on you and your fellow Capitol Police Officers.

via @michele_norris

2. Who is your vote for Time Person of the Year and why is it Officer Eugene Goodman?

via @Angry_Staffer

3. Eugene Goodman should have been selected as Time Person of the Year

via @EdwardTHardy

4. . @TIME Eugene Goodman was the Person of the Year, NOT Elon Musk!

via @copter_chief

5. Eugene Goodman is the Man of the Year. He saved Congress and democracy. He may have single handedly prevented an outright fascist takeover of our union.

via @Deezus666

6. The man displayed smarts & bravery. He effing did his job. In the face of all that hatred, he stood his ground, defended the Capitol bldg & the ppl inside, did not fire one shot, yet managed to save many, many lives. He’s THE #ManOfTheYear. He’s @CapitolPolice Eugene Goodman.Hundred points symbol

via @hustonmckinney

7. Another suggestion for #TIMEPOY EUGENE GOODMAN!! Get it right @TIME My drawing;

via @jonlionfineart2

8. Not my image but Hundred points symbol% my sentiment Person of the Year ≠ Elon Musk #EugeneGoodman #GOPTraitors #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy thwarted by #Jan6 hero

via @Norah_Dooley

9. Officer Eugene Goodman should be PERSON of the YEAR…

via @terrygenekelly

10. Re-issuing the real @TIME Person of the Year :Officer Eugene Goodman. This guy is a true hero.#CapitolRiot

via @LourinHubbard