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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, one major project that many fans are anticipating is the revamped movie introduction of Blade The Vampire-Slayer.

The role of half-human, half-vampire vigilante was originally made famous by Wesley Snipes in the trilogy film series by New Line Cinema, and he’s since been made synonymous with a live-action depiction of the character. Although he’s already confirmed to not be involved in the Blade reboot, it appears Snipes has nothing but positive thoughts when it comes to Mahershala Ali filling the role.


Marvel’s Blade will be a full reboot of the character that ties more into the world of superheroes and mutants, as we saw in his uncredited voice cameo during the post-credit scene in Eternals. This gives Mahershala a chance to carve out a lane for a new Eric Brooks to shine and battle in a whole new world of villains and allies.

So far Ali has only been confirmed to be joined by veteran actor Delroy Lindo. More on the upcoming project below, via Deadline:

“While Ali’s casting was announced at Comic-Con in 2019, Lindo is the only other actor cast in the project since, though his exact role is unclear. The film has, however, added a writer and director.

Playwright Stacy Osei-Kuffour signed on to pen the Marvel reboot. Bassam Tariq, best known for directing the Riz Ahmed film Mogul Mowgli, will helm the the new adaptation of the popular comic.”

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Although not as much of a role model in the vain of King T’Challa’s Black Panther, Blade still made for great representation of Black heroes in the comic world that made him the ultimate antihero along the lines of Punisher. For that, Mahershala Ali definitely has some big shoes to fill.

Keep scrolling to see some of the reactions to whether Mahershala Ali will make a marvelous Blade in the new MCU reboot:

Many Agree With Wesley Snipes Approving Mahershala Ali As The New ‘Blade’  was originally published on

1. i just remembered mahershala ali is going to be blade soon

via @acocktsuki 

2. I hope Mahershala Ali does justice in the role of #Blade

via @FjHanzo

3. As Mahershala Ali’s Blade approaches his MCU debut, we should be reminded that Wesley Snipes’s take on the character is largely responsible for there being an MCU in the first place.

via @MattMurchison

4. That would be badass if Morbius will meet Blade (Mahershala Ali) tbh.

via @AndreiMallare2

5. Hearing Mahershala Ali’s blade voice…

via @TheBogzy

6. side note: i’m mad excited to see Mahershala Ali as Blade.

via @tyler_peal

7. Mahershala Ali was great as Cottonmouth so I’m very interested to see what his Blade will look like. His tone of voice and mannerisms definitely can be carried on to that role

via @___miggy____

8. Mahershala Ali as Blade is great casting! Love this actor, so talented


9. mahershala ali is amazing as cottonmouth. cant wait to see him back for blade

via @ralphieeebarba

10. if Mahershala Ali does anything even half as cool as this in his Blade movie then Blade is automatically the best MCU movie

via @qLxke_