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Today is a day to celebrate your ace boon coon, your ride or die, and best friend.  June 8 is named National Best Friend Day which is set aside to celebrate that person in your life that you can’t live without.

There’s nothing like having a person you can always go to because they bring laughs, joy, and great times.  If you’re thinking of someone that you can call on when you have a problem but also when you want to have a good time, today is the day to honor them. Nothing compares to having that best friend bond, so here are our treasured friendships from our favorite shows!

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Happy National Best Friend Day! Our Favorite Friendships We Loved To See On TV [PHOTOS]  was originally published on

1. Will & Jazz – “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

2. Pam and Gina – “Martin”

3. Tommy and Ghost – “Power”

4. Issa and Molly – “Insecure”

5. Toni, Lynn, Joan, and Maya – “Girlfriends”

6. Dwayne and Ron – “A Different World”

7. Eddie Winslow, Steve Urkel, and Waldo Faldo – “Family Matters”

8. Moesha and Hakeem – “Moesha”