Social justice activist Jess La Bombera, who has been described as "Afro-Latina," revealed that she is actually a white woman who's been pretending to be Black all along. 

Arielle Haspel, the White owner of Lucky Lee’s, a new “Chinese restaurant” that serves a “clean” take on the cuisine, is getting doused in slander sauce for cultural appropriation. Add Chinese food on the list of things White folks are trying to whitewash. The Manhattan nutritionist felt the need to open up the restaurant where […]

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If you didn’t know this already, today marked the day that everyone could finally go home. Because apparently, Pepsi saved the world, guys. At least that’s what they want you to believe in what is perhaps the most twisted, silly, not-even-remotely imaginative ad that debuted today. Released on the anniversary of Martin Luther King‘s death, the […]


Actor Joseph Fiennes actually thought it would be appropriate to play a Black man, and not just any Black man, but one of the most celebrated entertainers in history.

Emily Bador "deeply and sincerely" apologizes for participating in cultural appropriation.


Lupita won't stand for cultural appropriation.

A video captures a Black woman confronting a White Man about his dreadlocks, accusing him of cultural appropriation. The incident happened on San Francisco State University's campus. School officials are investigating.

The photo, which has since been taken down, was flooded with negative and racist comments about Lagum's natural pout.