The National Football League has finally decided a punishment for the Baltimore Ravens and their recent outbreak of Covid-19 cases. The league has decided to fine the team a sum of $250,000 for the teams virus outbreak. The team will lose some money from the bank account but they wont lose a draft pick. Keep […]

People have gone Brangelina insane in the news about this divorce. Personally, I think they both may have been beautiful messes and that more than anything else may have ended things. Did you stay in a bad relationship a lot longer because your partner at the time was FINE? Not because he was fine. But […]

Wearing a hoodie in Oklahoma could get you a $500 fine according to a proposed bill by Sen. Don Barrington. KFOR TV reports that although the wearing of hoods or similar head coverings during the commission of a crime has been against state law since the 1920s, the new proposal would ban a person from intentionally hiding […]