Barbados Honors Rihanna as National Hero During Republic Ceremony  So we know Rihanna is a proud Bajan she loves her Barbados. She was already named an ambassador for the island back in 2018. Well now after Barbados has just declared itself a republic and has replaced Britain’s Queen Elizabeth as head of state with its very first […]

Saturday Situation: Moms give out a lot of advice and SHOCKER sometimes they are right! Tell me about the time mom was right… Every time she disapproved of someone I was dating!! She saw something I couldn’t see with my rose colored glasses on!! I was in raised in part by my grandmother too (God […]

The Back in the Day Buffet with Kenny K focused on the piece of advice that your parents were right about: Every man you meet don’t mean you gotta have a baby with them My marriage would not last! You gonna have a daughter just like you, so you can go through what I went […]