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Saturday Situation: Moms give out a lot of advice and SHOCKER sometimes they are right! Tell me about the time mom was right…

Every time she disapproved of someone I was dating!! She saw something I couldn’t see with my rose colored glasses on!!

I was in raised in part by my grandmother too (God rest her soul ) — She told told me to “…don’t get too close to people, you might catch there dreams!” I followed that thru life with much success, only to find out she had a really strong accent and she was saying “germs” not “dreams”…. Well, same premise she was so right.

While seperating from my ex husband, she told me it wasnt that he broke my heart or that I needed him that much…It was really just the pain of rejection I was feeling. Boy was she right!

When she said leave that fast ass girl alone… Lol but it seems that they were all fast to her LOL