Reggie Bush has been getting dragged for months after news broke that he allegedly cheated on his wife and got another woman pregnant.

‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — The case in GA where the mistress kidnapped the wife and then ended both their lives has generated interesting comments and insights. One being that the husband should be held legally responsible for his wife’s death because he introduced this woman into their life. Should the wife’s family be able to seek legal […]

We played a fun round of Morality Police on Tuesday’s — The LaDawn Black Show Should a wife be able to sue the mistress for her marriage ending? There should be legal penalties for both parties If you are given the opportunity to get away from a person who is mistreating you and go have […]

Have you developed a reputation? Do you problems with the word “mistress?” Jasmine Sanders has 10 signs that you might be a side chick. Click on the audio player…

Lawd! Fantasia’s love life is an adventure! Her baby by her married lover is now being raised by his wife. This scenario is too CRAZY! Check the story out here.