1/2/17- Comedian Chris Paul has a poem for 2016 and reminds us why we should all feel blessed to see 2017. Listen above!

  12/15/16- Find out just how much Kevin Durant still loves OKC, what medicine gave men breasts and why Comedian Chris Paul is comparing Blac Chyna to a Range Rover. Listen!

  12/9/16- How fed up with fake news is Hillary Clinton? Comedian Chris Paul reveals the real answer and exposes the wicked witch of the Kardashians. Listen above!  

  12/9/16- Comedian Chris Paul has a holiday tune just in time for the Christmas season. You have got to hear this one!

  12/8/16- Why is Comedian Chris Paul so shocked about President Neglect’s latest cabinet choices? He opens up and reveals and find out why Brazil’s Mis Bum Bum made quite the impression on him.

  11/17/16- Is there a difference between the words posse and p***y? Comedian Chris Paul says not much. Find out what happened when a legendary coach uses the term to describe a popular NBA player. Listen above!  

10/7/16- Comedian Chris Paul is hailing the men that robbed Kim K as international heroes. Find out why and how POTUS may be preferred over sex.

  10/6/16- What would happen if Dolly Parton and Snoop Dogg got together on a record? The country singer wants to partner up with the rapper and Comedian Chris Paul has a few ideas for a couple of songs. Also find out who is making a crackhead comeback. Listen above.

9/26/16- A hypocrite with a hair piece? You have to know who Comedian Chris Paul is referring to. Also find out why Hillary Clinton has no beef with Bill’s former sidepiece.

9/15/16- Comedian Chris Paul reveals why more than ever, the devil is a lie ad find out what Hillary is taking for that pain in her a**. Listen above for the funny!