Obama Administration

GOP congressional leaders are looking to repeal an initiative that was created to prevent mentally ill individuals from purchasing guns.

The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to consider a Virginia school district's challenge to Obama's transgender rights regulation.

Astaggering number of youth spend a considerable amount of time indoors watching TV, chatting on their phones, texting, or playing video games. Though these activities may be enjoyable, many can adversely impact the overall health of our youth. So to help kids get outside, the founders of Urban American Outdoors TV created the Urban Kids Fishing […]

The Obama administration has released an ambitious $5.5 billion proposal to develop summer and first-time jobs for youths over four years, part of the federal budget plan scheduled to be released next week, reports the Washington Post.

Joy-Ann Reid, political analyst and MSNBC’s host of “The Reid Report,” joins “The D.L. Hughley Show” and she’s sharing words of advice for the Obama…

Although on several fronts the Obama Administration appears to be under seige, the administration is nonetheless successfully moving toward achieving certain aspects of its agenda. The reforming of immigration laws appears to be headed for bi-partisan approval in Congress. The Senate’s approval of Obama’s energy secretary nominee Ernest Moniz appears to be a certainty, as […]

Although it seems like everything is coming out of the woodwork all at once, it does indeed appear that the Obama Administration is being hit on multiple sides. The IRS investigation has been getting a lot of face time on TV, with various Congressional members taking turns heatedly firing piercing statements and questions at the […]