Principle Lesson Over The Blessing: My daughter and I was leaving IHOP Saturday, after having a wonderful breakfast. I saw my grandmother’s friend of whom I haven’t seen in a long time, and I got so excited that I chatted with her, but forgot to pay the bill. I drove to DC, while there I […]

It was the Winter who made me appreciate Summer, it was the Snow who help me appreciate the Sun, it was the Cold that help me appreciate the Heat, it was Hurricane Sandy that help me appreciate the Rain. It was seeing my grandmother on Life Support that made me appreciate the Life. It was […]

Whenever GOD is moving us upwardly to our Peak, we tend to want to know where we are going, so we want GOD to show us a Peek of what’s to come. Oftentimes, its a dangerous thing for GOD to show us what our Peak looks like, because the “road” of building your character to […]

 Spiritually Profound Recipes With Richard Cook Summer’s Eve:I know its going to be hot outside and you’ve been in the gym toning up. Yeah, you want to look fancy, huh? You want to show off your new curves and dips and hips, etc. You want to show people what you paid that trainer for or […]